Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Complaining ...

Please forgive me in advance, I just have a little venting to do. We've had a kind of crappy few days. Nothing major, just little things that add up to make it seem like everything is going wrong. Firstly, Bevan's car didn't make it back to PEI after his trip to Halifax. He called me on the way home to tell me it was making a really loud noise. He made it to Pictou, thank goodness, and now my Dad is working on fixing it again. Thanks goodness for a mechanic in the family!! Also, the renewal of Bevan's job isn't going as smoothly as we had hoped. I thought they would just have a board meeting, say that they approved the budget, and therefore, his job, and voila!! Well, it's not quite that easy. Almost a week later, and things are still kind of up in the air. On a much smaller scale, we really wanted some Diet Pepsi with our supper on Sunday, and when we got home with it and opened the bottle, the bottle was broken, so we couldn't drink it - stupid glass pop bottles on PEI. Then, on Sunday night I really wanted a cup of tea. So I boiled my kettle, got out my favorite tea cup, put in the tea bag (Honey Lemon, yum), poured in my water, and CRACK!! My favorite cup cracked right up the side!! Anyways, that's enough venting for now, I needed to get all of that negativity out of my system!!

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