Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy LOVE Day

Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, especially my sweetie, Bevan. We made cards for each other, and we're going out for dinner, too.


I know, I know, it's been FOREVER since I last updated my blog. But I have some really good excuses, I swear. Lets see, where shall I begin. I guess it all started on a Wednesday evening, when my left upper lip swelled up to the size of a peanut M&M (yes, peanut!!! those plain M&M's are pretty small!!). It swelled up really quickly, I took some Benadryl and went to bed, and in the morning the swelling was gone. Along with that, all week I hadn't been feeling the greatest, so I had made a doctor's appointment for Friday. So, Friday AM (Jan 27th) by the time I made it to the doctor, I was in really bad pain, I was throwing up, etc... The doctor sent me right over to the hospital, where they hooked me up to IV, gave me some drugs, took some blood, etc. I had an x-ray and a CT scan, and finally found out that the culprit was a kidney stone!!!! I've had 3 of these before, so I wasn't surprised but was very disappointed!! So, by supper time they sent me home to wait out the passing of the stone. On Saturday I woke up again to a huge swelling on the right hand side of my face. Still no passed stone. The swelling in my lip and cheek was gone down by Saturday evening. All in all, the next week was pretty uneventful. Finally on the next Saturday (Feb 4th), I passed my kidney stone. It was HUGE compared to any of my past ones. So, for now the kidney stone issues are over, but in the CT scan they found out there is another stone in each kidney, yuck!! In the meantime, on Friday evening (Feb 3rd) I started noticing hives all over my body. The hives continued, I went to the doctor again on Thursday, he gave me some antihistimines and told me to watch the hives. In the past week I have had my lip swell up twice more, my hands have swollen up, and I've had swellings on my feet that made it feel like I was walking on marbles and this morning I woke up with my eye swollen half shut!! I went to the doctor again today. He's putting me on prednisone for a week to clear up these hives, and then in a week I have to go back and see him to see if we can't get to the bottom of all this!! Anyways, sorry for all the complaining, but now you really can see that I have a good excuse for my non-blogging!!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that my birthday happened in there as well!! (on the 8th), and I got my hair done too!! (pics to follow, I promise).