Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Short Update

Not much new over the last couple of days. Mel got here on Sunday with Frankie. She's been quite the little rascal (Frankie, not Mel). She goes through spells where she's all calm and cuddley, and then 2 seconds later she's running around and around and squeezing herself under the couch. Pretty much all Mel and I have been doing is scrapbooking. We moving the kitchen table into the living room. Here are the products of my hard work!!

Bevan's new job seems to be going well. He found out the other day that he doesn't have to work between Christmas and New Years, so we plan to stay at home in NS for the whole time. We'll see how things go I guess. Anyways, I'm off for now.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I know, it's been forever!!

Well, I'm back. It's been a really long time since I've blogged. I guess that's what happens when you're on vacation. So, where should I start?? I guess the beginning would be the best place. December 1st was my last day of work for an entire month. It was a pretty great day, the anticipation of a long vacation made me pretty happy. That was a Thursday. I spent the day on Friday at the scrapbook store with Carolyn putting away a great big order of great stuff, mostly Christmas papers, etc... Bevan and I headed home on Saturday. Mom and I went to the mall on Saturday evening to get stuff for the new puppy we were getting for Mel. This is the first time I've mentioned this because it was a surprise!!! She's always wanted a weiner dog, so we decided we'd get her one for when she came home from Australia. Mom and Dad went in November and picked the puppy out. She was born on October 1, 2005. These are some pictures of the puppy they chose on the day they went to pick her out.

So, on Monday the 5th of December we headed out to the airport a couple of hours early. We stopped at the dog breeders house and picked up the puppy. There were soooo many cute puppies there and on the way out the door I told them I'd be back to get a puppy of my very own as soon as I could. We can't have pets at the apartment where we live now, so I guess I'll have to wait a while longer. Here is a picture of Frankie wrapped up in the quilt that Mom made for her(at least that's what we were calling her at this point, Mel didn't even know about her, so we weren't sure what her name would actually be).

Mel and Mitch's plane arrived a few minutes early. We all hugged her. It was great to see her. Then we gave her the basket with the puppy in it and she was sooooo excited.
The next few days were spent catching up, playing with the new puppy, and sipping barrels of coffee through the Tim Tams Mel had bought at the duty free shop in the Australian airport. On Thursday we went to Halifax to do some Christmas shopping. We had a great day. On Friday we had a bit of a snow storm. On Saturday night we had a welcome home party which included lots of great Karaoke. The more drinks we had, the better we thought we were and the more we sang. It was great. When Bevan and I were leaving the party, which was in the garage, and heading up to the house, we were walking through the Christmas Tree Lot in the garage driveway, and the police stopped us. I think they thought we were going to steal a tree. I told the officer "I'm with them" motioning behind me to the garage, not realizing that from the road it looked like I was motioning to no one at all!! On Tuesday, Bevan and I headed back to PEI. Bevan got a job (yay) so we headed back so he could get to work. Since we've been back things have been pretty relaxing and quiet. Wednesday brought another snowstorm. On Friday I worked at the scrapbook store. Then on Friday night we went to Carolyn's house for an evening of Pizza, Mario Dance Dance Revolution and Mad Gab. We had a great time. On Saturday night we went to a Community Christmas Concert at the Jubilee Theatre here in Summerside. It was pretty good. Over the weekend I've also finished a great scrapbook layout from our trip to CKU.
Now, here it is, Sunday morning. I've watched my Coronation Street, had my coffee - minus the Tim Tams :( and now I'm going to go shower so we can pick Mel up at the ferry for a few days of heavy scrapbooking!!