Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Plans

Saw this blogger challenge on Two Peas and thought it would be a fun one. It will be neat to predict my summer plans, and then to see how close they are to what I actually did once the summer is over!!

My Summer Plans:

  • Well, for starters, Pictou Lobster Carnival - an annual party at my house in Pictou. I always plan my summer vacation around this weekend. This year it falls on the weekend of July 6th-9th.
  • This is the first summer since we've moved to Prince Edward Island that Bevan has had weekends off. Over the last 2 summers he had to work every Saturday, so it really limited our ability to do much or go far over the weekend. This summer we plan to take in more of the great summer sites on PEI.
  • We also plan to go home more often over the summer. My dad just made a fishing boat into a leisure/party boat, so we plan to spend quite a few weekends lounging on that.

  • We did have plans to go to CKU-M in Boston this summer, but since the class list was posted last week, we have changed our plans about that. We're all a little disappointed, but it really was too much money to spend to take a bunch of classes we weren't all that thrilled about.

Well, I guess that's all that I can think of right off the top of my head. Not a lot of big plans, but I know it will be a great summer. We haven't seen much of our families over the last 2 summers, so we are really looking forward to spending more time at home.

The Good and the Bad

The Good - we saw X-men last night - Wow!!

The Bad - the doctor I saw yesterday, talk about poor bedside manner!!!

Let's start with the good. Bevan and I saw X-Men - The Last Stand at the theater last night. We spent the entire weekend before this watching movies. In preparation for this movie we had watched the first and the second X-Men as well. This was an excellent movie. Sooooo not my typical movie type. I was never a comic book reader. But I highly recommend this movie to everyone.
We actually spent our entire weekend this past weekend watching movies!! Here's a quick rundown:

The DaVinci Code - Hint: Don't go the the late show that only starts at 9:50!! We didn't leave until 12:30, so I feel this made the movie seem a little longer and drawn out just because I was tired. Other than that I really enjoyed this movie. I don't understand what all the bad reviews were about. I thought the movie followed very closely with the book, anything that was changed or left out didn't change the outcome. There were actually protestors standing outside the theatre when we went in, it was pretty funny. I just felt like saying "it is a book, fiction, no one is saying this is fact!!"

The Family Stone - I really enjoyed this movie. Loved the story. Yes, it's a pretty typical romantic comedy, but I like that kind of stuff.

The Ringer - Really funny. I think I felt guilty for laughing at first, but when I discovered that the whole movie is endorsed by Special Olympics, and that it's quite politically correct, I felt free to laugh and laugh. Watch it. Enjoy it.

Munich - Only watched the first half of this one or so, I didn't really see much point to it, maybe I fell asleep before all the really good stuff happened, so I don't think I should really bash it too badly.

Grandma's House - Can't find a link for this one. I had never heard of it before we rented it, it was Bevan's choice. Once again, I only watched the first bit. Not that it was bad, I guess I just wasn't in the mood. It has all of the people who are always extras in the Adam Sandler movies in it. Probably would have been OK if I had watched the whole thing.

OK, on to the bad I guess. I won't complain too much, just want to say that the doctor I saw yesterday was not nice!! He didn't introduce himself, barely let me get a word in to ask a question, shot down everything I had to say, and basically told me my hives have nothing to do with my kidney stones. I feel defeated and I feel like I'm no further ahead. I have to go for a bunch of bloodwork and other tests. I'm starting to think I'll just have to live with the hives and all the meds for a while longer. He was telling me about a med for stones, but most insurance companies won't cover it and you have to take it 4-5 times a day!! Doesn't really sound worth it to me.

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy my last unplanned vacation day (back to work tomorrow). I think I'll try to get some scrapbooking done. Have a good one.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On an Unplanned Vacation

Well, I haven't worked since Thursday. We're in the process of moving at work, from one space, to a much bigger, much more updated space. We stayed after work on Thursday and packed everything up. It's really hard to believe how quickly the space was transformed from a dental office to a big empty space. I stopped by on Saturday to check out the new office. It's big, and new. I'm sure unpacking things there and putting them away is going to take much longer than the packing up did. Well, today I was supposed to go in to work for 3 hours for training, and I got a call yesterday saying that things are not moving along at the expected speed, so no work until Thursday. It's been a long time since I had a day off through the week, and oh my, did I enjoy yesterday. I got up, had some great coffee, watched some morning TV, etc.. Then I had some errands to run. Then I went shopping!! I bought a skirt (white of all colors!!!), and some new shirts. Yesterday afternoon, I met with all the girls from work for supper. One of our co-workers is leaving us for a new position, and we will all miss her dearly. We stayed at the restaurant for almost 4 hours, just talking and venting!! It was a great time.

Today is my appointment with the specicialist in Charlottetown about my kidney stones. I'm not really going into it with high expectations. I've seen a specialist in Halifax before and all he told me was to drink more water, he wasn't much help. This time, I want to ask if it is normal that a 27 year old woman has had 6 or 7 kidney stones, and if it's not, is there some reason my body is prone to producing them. This has been my worst episode by far, because of the hives. Yes, I still have them. 4 months now. If I miss even one dose of medication I'm all spotty within hours. I know my remaining stone is quite small, so I doubt they'll do the sonic wave thing to get rid of it or anything, I'll have to wait and see I guess. I'll update when I get home.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm still here

I'll post again soon, I promise. Things are kind of hectic right now - work stuff, was home for the weekend and still haven't unpacked!!, etc... We made some progress on the wedding while we were home over the weekend, I'll fill in the details soon. By the way, did anyone see the 'Lost' finale????? OOOOOhhhh my goodness!! I'm more confused now than I ever was!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Went Walking

Bevan and I just got back from a nice little walk along the Confederation Trail. We walked 4 km. Not a lot, but our first time, so well work up to more. I really need new sneakers though!! I could have walked for much longer had I not gotten blisters like 5 minutes into it!! So I guess my goal for Monday or Tuesday will be new sneakers, then more regular walking. This is a big step for me - I'm not a fan of exercise!!!

New Pages

I've been doing some scrapbooking today, here are my results so far:

Still hoping to do some more. I'm trying really hard to keep my scrapbooking room cleaner, it's easier to just sit down and get to work on something if there isn't crap all over the place. I always get more done when I don't have to clean up first.

The pancake breakfast yesterday was great. We went to a yard sale, but didn't buy anything at all. We got groceries. Today Bevan had a bowling event he had to go to for work. Tonight - Survivor Party - hoping it will be lots of fun. On that note, however, I should go get showered and dressed - yes, it's 3 PM and I haven't done that yet!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Day

Well, it's Friday, which in itself, makes this day a great one. This week at work was excellent - not too stressful, yet busy enough to make the days pass quickly - everyone was really happy. Today was my day at the scrapbook store. We got a great shipment of Hero Arts stamps in on Wednesday, so I had lots and lots of great new stamps to work with for my card class today. The day flew by!! Carolyn and I made cards ALL afternoon, I'll have to steal them away from the shop for a few hours so I can take them home and scan them!! Then after work we went to the grocery store and I bought some delicious strawberries. And the grocery store is conviently attached to a liquor store, I got a bottle of wine. Then, to top it all off, I went downtown and bought some freshly caught (and cooked) PEI Lobster!!!!! I came home, opened my wine, cleaned my lobster and enjoyed it with some melted butter. YUMMY!!!!!!! Tomorrow morning we are going to a pancake breakfast. And I think I may like to take in some yard sales. Oh, and to top it all back, I got my engagement ring back today! (I took it to the jewellry store on Monday to be sized, and I've been lost without it ever since) Tomorrow afternoon will probably include some cleaning, which depresses me just thinking about it!! But then on Sunday night we are going to a 'Survivor' Party!! We are pretty excited about that. At 7:30 there's going to be a BBQ, and then there will be Survivor games, and I believe the finale comes on at 9:00. We were in a Survivor Pool this year. I was Misty - I got voted off pretty early on - I guess everyone saw poor Misty as a threat!! Bevan is Terry - he's still in it up until now. The odds are stacked against him, however. Everyone else who is left wants to get rid of him pretty badly, so it's hard to say how long he'll last. Anyways, the party will be fun, all of the 16 people who were in the pool are going to be there. Ooooooh, and I forgot, I got CROCS yesterday!!!! Bevan got me some chocolate brown ones in Charlottetown. I wore them all day today, they are super comfy. I'll post a picture of me in my crocs as soon as I get one!!! So, I guess I'll be going for now. I'll fill in the blanks on how the rest of the weekend actually went when I get a chance.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Morning

Well, it's once again my favorite time of the week. It's actually Sunday Afternoon now, but I just wanted to write about my weekend so far. Sunday morning is my favorite for a number of reasons. Mostly because there's never anything that has to be done. I also love Sundays becaus that's when I get to watch 2 1/2 hours of Coronation Street (yes, the British Soap Opera) and drink cups of coffee with no one at all to disturb me. It's too much fun. But now it's over for another week. Yesterday was also Nations Scrapbooking Day. To celebrate, the scrapbook store held a weekend crop at the Shipyard Market here in Summerside. It all started on Friday afternoon at 3 and went until 11 Friday night. Then we started up again at 9 on Saturday morning, and scrapped until about 5!! Everyone had a great time. I even got some scrapbooking done. Here are my finished products:

I won't take credit for the third one, I copied it from Lori. It was just way too cool. The picture is from a work trip we went on a couple of weeks ago. I took some pictures over the weekend, I'll post them as soon as they're uploaded.

Nothing else is new really. No new wedding plans yet. I'm planning on going home in May to confirm the Reception Venue and the DJ.

We're having a big old BBQ again this afternoon. The weather is beautiful and sunny again today, so we're going to BBQ up some ribs and chicken with all those yummy things that go so well with a good BBQ. Can't wait!!!