Sunday, August 28, 2005

My First Post

Well, here I am. This is the first post of my Blog. It's a Sunday afternoon. I enjoy Sundays. I like to relax before I have to go back to work on Monday. I guess I enjoy Sunday mornings and afternoons, but by Sunday evenings I tend to get a little moody. The last 2 days have been slow ones for me. I have lots to do, but have been managing to waste lots of time doing everything else. (Like creating a blog!). Friday was a great day. Bevan took me to Chelton Provincial Park for a picnic (yum!!). Then we went to the driving range and par 3 golf course in Darnley, PEI. I haven't been golfing for very long (only bought my clubs back in June) and I think I forgot that you actually have to play in order to keep your skills up (or lack of skills in my case!!) The driving range made me slightly cranky (only slightly, right Bevan??) but then I got slightly more comfortable again. Note to self: don't wait a whole month before golfing again!! In the end I won (and I only cheated a little). I guess I can attribute my win to Bevan's poor putting. Then on Friday evening we went to the midnight madness sale at Staples. There was really not much madness going on. We spent a whole hour there and I have come to the realization that my obsession with buying scrapbooking supplies stems from my love of school supplies. I remember I always loved shopping for school supplies, and now that I have no need to buy school supplies anymore I love buying scrapbooking supplies instead!
I guess I'll go and actually get some work done now. I have a couple of busy months ahead. Lots of Close to My Heart gatherings, a card making/paper crafting class at the end of September, and then
CKU-A in Stamford, Connecticut at the end of October.