Sunday, August 27, 2006

I bought one...

Yep, I purchased an Ipod. I stayed practical, I bought the 1GB, which holds about 200 songs, which is perfect for me. And, in my typical fashion, I'm obsessed with organizing it!!! I want to only have songs on it that I really like, because what's the point of having to skip past every second song. And I like all the songs to have the proper artist name so that everything is where it should be. I know, it's really sad. Anyways, the real reason I bought the Ipod is because we joined the gym yesterday, and I really need some motivation. They don't have TV's at this gym, so I need something to keep my mind of what I'm really doing while I'm there.

Since I've last posted we went to a wedding (last weekend). It was really nice. Mel's friend Chris got married.

I went to Kathy Anne's stagette party last night. She works with me and is getting married on Sept. 9th. Most of the work girls were there, and we had a pretty good time.

Oh, and I went wedding dress shopping while I was home last weekend. We went to Halifax, and I had great success.

Anyways, I better go get some stuff done, that 3 hours I just spent organizing the Ipod (or Spinderella as I like to call her), isn't time I really could have afforded to spend doing something so trivial!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bevan's Cooking Supper...

Right now, as I write this. He's cooking Hawaiian Chicken - it smells really good. I'll post later to let you know how it was, if it's good, I'll post the recipe, too.

Did another layout this afternoon:

Let's try this again...

Ok, I'm giving blogger one more chance to post some pictures. I've been getting scrapbooking done this weekend. It's been fun. I've wanted to do the daily dose page forever. I'm trying to get out of the habit of just scrapbooking events, and more into scrapping everyday things, and things about me that I can look at 20 years down the road and say "I remember that now!!!" Events are more likely to stick out in your mind, but things like the combination of drugs I had to take for months while I had hives is something I will surely forget. Plus, my dad told me the hives thing happened to him when he was younger, and now it's happening to me, so if it by some chance happens to my kids someday, I think it would be great to have this page to show them. Today I'd like to work on a '5 random things about me' page - my sister did one of these and I think it's a great idea. And I have some more hives pictures I've been meaning to scrapbook, but they are really ugly pictures of me when I was super puffy and they're gonna be hard to scrapbook - but it'll be a great challenge!!!
Oh, and we saw Talladega Nights last night. Will Ferrell is in it, so it was hilarious!! Once again, we see Will Ferrell in his underwear, which, although it's not really attractive, is always funny!! Can't wait for this one to come out on video, it's definitly one I want to see again.
I'm off for now, I'll post again before the weekend is over!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Mini Golf Post... finally

Yep, after all that teasing, the mini golf post is finally posted. You just have to scroll down a couple of posts. Please excuse the picture sizes, I'm still having problems with blogger, so I posted them via photobucket instead.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Back from Pictou

We went home to Pictou for the weekend. I didn't really feel like much going, because there was nothing really going on there, and we have to go home for a wedding in a couple of weeks anyways, but we went anyways. It was Jubilee weekend in New Glasgow, and we knew Joel Plaskett was playing on Thursday night but we didn't think we'd make it home in time to see him. But it turns out he wasn't scheduled to go on until 10:30, and it was actually later than that when he started, so we saw the whole show. It was, once again, awesome. We were further back in the crowd than we were in Charlottetown on Canada Day, but it was still a great time.

I spent the entire day on Friday with Mel at The Scrapbook Depot. We made some great cards that I promise to post pictures of soon. I spent waaaay too much money on new stamps!!

On Saturday we were really bored, so we went to Truro. We went to Carsand Mosher and bought a few scrapbooking things. Then we went to the bridal shop, where I was really disappointed with the service, or lack there-of. Let's just say I have no intention of buying a thousand dollar plus item from this store due to the lack of helpfullness.

We headed back on the boat on Sunday morning. There were 2 full rows of cars waiting to head to PEI, and when we got to PEI, the parking lot of cars waiting to go to Nova Scotia was full!!! It's a holiday in Nova Scotia today (Natal Day), so I guess everyone was heading back to celebrate. I think it's a holiday here, too, but I still had to work :(

Last night we went to a BBQ at John and Jennifer's house. We chatted outside while we sat at the new patio furniture, and then we moved inside to eat supper because it was getting cool outside. It was a great time. We've been trying to get together with them forever, so it was great that it finally worked out. Hopefully we'll get a chance to have them over to our place soon, but they're due to have a baby on Sept 14th, so it may take us a while to get together again!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Still working on it.

Yes, I'm still working on the post from 2 days ago. I'm having some blogger issues. I can't seem to get my pictures to upload, so I'm going to go the photobucket route instead, but then I have to worry about getting the pictures to be the right size.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Still nothing new, it's actually 7:10 am, I have to go to work in 20 minutes. Yet, here I am, wasting my time on the computer. My coffee this morning was one of my best cups in a long time. I didn't want that cup to end.
And I'm on the edge of my seat about "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight. It's elimination night. I'm predicting it will be Travis and Donyelle. I'm not sure, it's so hard to tell. I think people really like Ivan and Benji, and I think Heidi's safe. Natalie was is the bottom 2 a whole bunch of times, so maybe it will be her who goes, I really don't know. I think next week may be the finale, too!! What will I do on Wednesday nights when it's over?????????
I may be heading home to Pictou for the weekend, I haven't really decided yet. If I do go, I'm leaving tonight, and I still have nothing packed, so I guess I better decide sometime during the day today and get my butt in gear. Joel Plaskett is playing tonight at the Riverfront Jubilee in New Glasgow, and if I knew I would get home in time to see that I would go for sure, but there is almost no chance we'll make it in time. No one else at the Jubilee I really want to see. If I do go home I may spend the day with Mel at the shop where she works, and that would be fun, but then I have the rest of the weekend with not much to do. I'd kind of just rather be here where all my scrapbooking stuff is, I might actually get something accomplished that way. Well, I better get going if I'm actually going to make it to work today.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm still here

No, I haven't totally forgotten I should write stuff here. As a matter of fact, I've started a great, long post, but I'm having some issues with Blogger and adding pictures. I promise I'll work on it tomorrow. Right now it's past 11 and I have to work tomorrow.

A whole lot of nothing...

The title pretty much sums it up. There hasn't been much going on. I spent Friday at the shop making some cards and learning some new techniques with acrylic paints and some others from Carolyn's sister in law. It was fun. I'll post the cards when I scan them in. They're much different from what I tend to do on my own, but great techniques for teaching to my card class.

On Sunday we went mini golfing. Now, I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Bevan and I are quite the Mini Golf Fanatics. Ever since we started dating it was something we've loved to do. I think the first place we ever played mini golf together was at Trenton Park. Then in the summer of 2001 we made a trip to Cavendish, PEI and played as many mini golf places as we could handle. Here's a list and a short review of each one:

1. Trenton Park - our first. It was 5 years ago, but as I remember it was okay. It's kind of under lots of trees and stuff, so there was lots of pine needles and debris on the greens. I don't have any pictures of this one as it was in the pre-digital camera era.

2. Sandspit - In Cavendish, PEI. Played in July 2001. Once again, a pretty good course. Nothing too crazy, but it was challenging if I remember correctly. I do remember it was a really hot day that day, so I may have enjoyed it more had I not been so warm.

3. River of Adventure Mini Golf - In Cavendish again. July 2001. I remember loving this one. It's full of fun stuff. One hole has giant potatoes on the green that you have to shoot around. In another you shoot the ball into the hole and it rolls down a large drill bit or something. And, of course, there's the giant lobster, which in no way is interactive in the game, but Bevan always loves having his picture taken with it!! There's also a hole where there is a swing type thing that moves back and forth over the hole, so you have to time your shot really well. We played this course again last year in 2005, and I was slightly dissapointed to find it's gone downhill a little bit, but it still has some cool features.

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4. Black Magic Indoor Mini Golf - Yes, Cavendish again. Another fun course. No pictures of this one - once again pre-digital camera. The golf balls and clubs glow in the dark, and the walls are painted with glow in the dark pictures. One important lesson I learned at this course: never wear white undergarments under a sheer dress while in a black light setting - no it wasn't me, but the woman who was playing in front of us.

5. Ripley's Believe it or Not course - (I believe it may be called Mariner's Cove). Cavendish again. This one was fun, but a real toughie!! Not a good one if you're looking for a fun, quick game. This one requires some real concentration and skill, much like this next one:

6. St. Andrews Mini Golf and Country Club - This one is right here in Summerside. I believe it is modelled after a full course somewhere. This one has some real fun features - real ponds and real water and sand traps.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

7. Crystal Palace Mini Golf - I think I remember this one being kind of neat. It was indoors and I seem to remember playing around a ship or something. Pretty fun if I remember correctly.

8. Magic Valley - outside New Glasgow Nova Scotia. This was a pretty straight forward course - nothing fancy really.

9. The Snow Queen - outside Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I barely remember this one, I've included it in my list because Bevan told me we went there. I do remember driving all the way there just to play Mini Golf. But I think the memory that sticks out in my mind most of this day is when I kicked Bevan's butt on the go-carts. I guess that great memory just eclipses all the other memories of the day.

10. Magic Mountain - in Moncton. Another one I only vaguely remember. I do know I was here with my parents and Mel and Bevan. I remember it being just outside the park, and I think I remember getting a hole in one here.

11. Drive-U-Crazy Mini Golf - at Cymbria campground in Cymbria, PEI. This is the latest, and among the greatest courses that we've played. I will say it is a little run down and the greens have a few wrinkles and some of the props could use a coat of paint, but this one was great. They have a castle that you have to shoot the ball through, a big red maze that you have to shoot the ball into, and a wheel powered by water that the ball goes into, and gets carried up to another level, where it is dropped onto the green.

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All in all, I'd rate Drive-U-Crazy as my favorite fun course, and St. Andrews as my favorite more serious course. I think Bevan and I will someday build our own dream course and put all of our favorite features of all the courses we've played in one.